• Roger Averdahl
    My local file/folder backup are stored in E:\Lagret\ZZ_Backup\CBB_Z4-G4\CBB_Archive\ccaf3ec9-d18e-4066-94a5-841e13ca2703

    For some reason CBB is very anal when it comes to restoring, meaning that if the file path is incorrect CBB cannot restore the files in the folder GEN-000024-6f98325c-4d07-46fb-973d-1d97c39a0add were all data needed are stored.

    For example, if i select the E:\Lagret\ZZ_Backup for a cloud backup to Backblaze everything is backed up as expected. If i now want to restore tha data i have two options to restore it, either to the original location or to a specific location in the Restore Wizard/Destination dialog.

    If i choose to restore to the original location CBB will recreate the full path, iow E:\Lagret\ZZ_Backup\CBB_Z4-G4\CBB_Archive\ccaf3ec9-d18e-4066-94a5-841e13ca2703 and i can then restore files from that local backup.

    If i choose to restore to a specific location CBB will not recreate the full path, it will only create the subfolder/s such as the GEN-000024-6f98325c-4d07-46fb-973d-1d97c39a0add but CBB cannot restore anything, it don´t even recognize that those files are from a backup. Running a Consistency Check and/or sync Repository won´t help.

    Is there a way to force CBB to restore the full pathname of the local backup when i restore it from the cloud?

    Why do i think this is important, why do i want it?
    The disk i take backup to today is my E drive. If my computer get´s stolen or is damaged and replaced with a new one the priority for me is to restore my data, not to remember that "if-you-want-to-restore,-you -must-remember-the-drive-name-you-used-in-your-old-computer" If-you-don´t....

    If CBB did restore the full pathname if i restored my cloud backup to let´s say my D drive this would not have been an issue. The data in the folder i use here, GEN-000024-6f98325c-4d07-46fb-973d-1d97c39a0add, should be sufficient for a full restore of a local file/folder backup, especially if the file $META$H4sIAAAAAAAA~3NJLMkvUtBViDJRcDcBADDkbooNAAAA$Files is present as well.

    Why is the correct file path so darn important for a restore of local file/folder backup?

    Why isn´t CBB smart enough to know after a Consistency Check and/or sync Repository of the folder GEN-000024-6f98325c-4d07-46fb-973d-1d97c39a0add that the folder contains all data needed?

    Restore should be easy and not impossible if i don´t have the full path name.

    CloudBerry Explorer fails this as well.

    By fixing a cloud restore made by CBB to force a restore to a specific location to re-create the full path name this would be a non issue.

    Today i use 7-Zip and zip each weekly backup for archiving in the cloud, and there i have the option to use Full pathnames so the full path is retained when i unpack the zip file. This makes it possible to unzip an archive to any disk and perform a restore without issues. This is how flexable and safe it should be to successfully restore every time.

    -- See and treat this post as a feature request as well. --

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