• ghill
    I've read the different threads that answers this questions but it doesn't difinitively answer my concerns so i'm making another post to clarify.

    I want to do a Image based backup on a remote site on computer A. This remote site has very slow internet so a full backup over the internet is not an option. My plan is to plug a removable device into the computer, perform a backup to that removable device, and bring the device back to my facility. I will take that initial full backup and upload it to my storage.

    Once that is done i plan to do incremental backups of computer A from this point forward. Doing a full every month, or year will not work. The internet is terribly slow and incremental is the only way to accomplish this over the internet.

    What is the best way to handle this with mspbackup? When i select advanced scheduling it forces me to do a full backup on a scheduled basis. If i use the legacy schedule editor it will let me set 1 date for the full backup and setup the incremental as daily reoccuring. However once i view the schedule in the new interface its just a full backup on a daily basis.

    Again this is a image based backup and weekly, monthly, or even yearly full backups are not an option. I need it to be incremental only. I'd like to be able to convert my incremental backups to full synthetically on my side as the incremental chain gets longer, but i can never pull a full from the remote computer A.

    Any help or insight would be appreciated.
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