• Jan Doggen
    I regularly get this in the mail after a backup run:

    Your backup plan My Documents Backup - predefined plan (includes My Pictures) completed with warnings, please see below for more details.
    Error: Warning. One or more backup paths don't exist
    Note: You have one or more files on your online storage scheduled to be permanently deleted in 4 days. Open CloudBerry Backup console to view the files.
    Files failed to backup: nn

    The most severe contents in this are *Error: Warning. One or more backup paths don't exist*

    But I have no idea which backup paths. If I go into the backup settings, unclick and re-click the My Documents folder to force it to reread all its subfolders, that makes no difference, the error remains.

    So what is actually going on here?
    - Backup paths (folders/files?) not found? Which ones? Frankly, if I set the backup to process folder F and all its subfolders F1, F2,... , I don't want warnings if I delete F2 locally.
    - Files to be permanently deleted? Fine, I set the backup up that way.
    - Files cannot be backed up because they are in use? Fine, they will come in the next run. That's a common thing with backups, hardly an 'error'.

    Apart from answering to my 'please explain', can you maybe cleanup that email so that ERROR means there is something important I have to attend to (i.e. and not use the word error when there are just notifications)?

    Jan Doggen
  • Julia
    Hi Jan,

    For #1: The "Warning. One or more backup paths don't exist" comes up if specified path that is listed as a "Backup source" does not exist. In your example (if I set the backup to process folder F and all its subfolders F1, F2,... , I don't want warnings if I delete F2 locally), you won't have warnings. However, if you delete the root folder (F), you surely will get the warning.
    You can use "Generate detailed report" option on the Notification step of the Backup Wizard to get the details.

    For #2: this is just a note, not an error. Just to make sure you are aware of that.

    For #3: I would say it depends on the case - some customers don't want to know the details like that, other would lie to and it helps to reconsider the backup schedule, for example, or preventing other apps to use those files at a particular time (as an example).

    Thank you for your suggestion - I agree that the #1 is better to have the "warning" only.
    Please let me know if you have any questions.
  • Jan Doggen
    Thanks for the quick reply. There is no "Generate detailed report" option on the Notification step of the Backup Wizard, though:


    I dove into the backup history and the only 'Failed' operations are FireFox cache entries (files).
  • Julia
    what backup storage do you use? The "Generate detailed report" feature is supported for not all listed storage providers.
    In the Backup History - please choose the Files view instead of Plans.
    history (60K)
  • Jan Doggen
    I'm backing up to Amazon Glacier. Yes, I looked at files.
  • Julia
    @Jan Doggen the “Generate detailed report” option is not supported for Glacier.
    As for files failures, I can recommend to send diagnostic logs if you need further assistance.
  • Matt
    Unfortunately we didn't receive your diagnostic logs. Let us know if any tech support assistance is required on that matter.
  • Matt
    Quick update: the Warning indicator for files to be deleted is removed in version 5.9, so feel free to update to fix that.
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