• Jon T
    I'm trying to configure an image backup plan using the new format and GFS (Build, the target is to a disk on my Windows Server.
    In the Schedule part of the wizard, I set up recurring (incrementals daily at 7:00).
    I also check Execute full backup (Synthetic full if possible) and when I click on edit schedule for these full backups, only Monthly and Daily are available choices.
    Why isn't Weekly offered as a choice? If I want to set up GFS with weekly retention, doesn't the system need weekly full backups for that?
    In a previous test plan I created with a full done on the first day of the month and incrementals each day, it looks like the system keeps all the dailies it needs to be able recreate each weekly, which wasn't what I expected.
    Any help to explain how this works is much appreciated. Why is there no weekly full backup option?
  • David Gugick
    What you can do is select Daily and check off the one day of the week that you want to run the full. That's effectively weekly.
  • Jon T
    Thanks, David. I'm having one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments.
    I notice the default day when selecting "Daily" is Sunday. I recall in one of the help files that Sunday is considered by the software the day of the week for weekly retention.

    So, if I select "Daily" only for Sunday, how do monthly backups get retained? Are they the nearest weekly full plus incrementals which comprise the first day of the month?

    The help center file on GFS can be difficult to understand. More common-use examples which span what happens over many weeks/months would better illustrate how this works.
  • David Gugick
    Just so you know, I had the same exact question I asked myself when I looked at GFS which is why isn't there a weekly option. So you're not alone. I'll reply in more detail to your recent question when I settle into the office in about an hour. I've been traveling to the ASCII conference in Chicago this week so I'm just getting back.
  • Jon T
    Somehow, I didn't notice the link to this page:


    ...which gives me the long-term examples I was hoping for. This makes more sense to me now, but I'll still do some experimentation as to how the general retention period influences the GFS periods, but I think I have a better idea of where to start.

    What I'm aiming for: I'd like a 2 week daily retention (general set to 2 weeks), a 4 week GFS weekly retention, and a 3 month GFS monthly retention. If I schedule daily incrementals with weekly fulls, I think this should work, knowing that the most recent 2 weeks of dailies will overlap those weeklies, but that's ok, because I want 2 weeklies beyond the 2 weeks of dailies. Stated another way, I want daily granularity for the first two weeks, weekly granularity for the following 2 weeks, and monthly granularity for the following 3 months. I'll give it a shot and look at the results in backup storage history.
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