• Sergey N
    Here at MSP360 we are constantly working on our Backup software improvement and adding new features. We are developing the software for you - our clients, and we would like to hear from you what you think about the new features. That is why we are starting a BETA testing initiative for our customers and the first application we would like to provide for your judgment and review is CloudBerry Backup 7.4 with the new awesome features like:

    New Backup Format Support for Hyper-V (Help)

    One of the most important features of this version. Which includes a wide spread of improvements and optimizations. Such as:

    - Performance Improvement. Drastically increases the speed of the backup itself, reducing the time required for the backup to finish multiple times. 
    - Client-Side Deduplication. The new backup format allows backup of deduplicated data to storage. Deduplication is done directly on the client-side, reducing both the amount of data sent to storage and the time needed for upload.
    - Consistency Checks. In the new backup format, we make sure that all files required for the restore point exist in backup storage. 
    - Synthetic Full Backup. Another key feature of the new backup format. The synthetic full backup is a type of subsequent full backup that makes a comparison to the previously backed up data on the storage and uploads only the current changes from the backup source. Synthetic full backup helps to reduce the amount of data uploaded and accelerates a full backup creation.
    - Retention Policy. The retention policy is simplified and easier to use, you only need to choose the period for which the backups should be kept.

    Support Hyper-V Cluster (Help)

    Another important feature. Allows you to connect to a Hyper-V Cluster and backup the Virtual Machines remotely.

    Immutability Storage Support (Help)

    When copying logs and other important data, make sure that this data is protected. Using the native features of Amazon S3, you can configure a bucket to protect the integrity of your data. For example, you can prevent an object from being deleted or overwritten.

    EFS Support (Help)

    A long-awaited ability to back up EFS encrypted files. Used in most of the corporate domains and one of the most accessible security features for Windows users.

    Restore from Cloud Performance Improvements for Image-Based Backup/VM

    As much as the backup needs to be fast, it is even more important for the restore process to be even faster. This is why we have also improved the restore speed for our most popular backup modes.

    Download BETA
  • Yuri Alexandrov
    How we should report errors? )
  • Andrey

    Hi Yuri,

    Please use Tools->Diagnostic in the product to send us logs&suggestions.
    Please add "7.4 Beta" to the message to address dev/PM teams.
    You can also report here ;-)

  • Yuri Alexandrov

    I create B2 bucket, create new AppKey with access only to this bucket, add BackupStorage (enter key, appkey, select this bucket is drop-down box) - all ok. But after I add Backup Plan - I receive error message "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: bucketid".

    Also, same error then I try to browse this backup storage. Or change it. I even can't delete it!
    Also try AppKey with access to all buckets - same error (((

    I do all as said on your website.

    Try to send support request, but no answer in some days.
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