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    Normally, if a file or folder is moved on the source, CloudBerry Backup would recognise this as a delete and a file create, and backup the file from its new location just like any new file. Is there a way to move files at the source and replicate the move in the CBB backups, so that files aren't re-uploaded (particularly when dealing with large folders and cloud backup)? If it makes a difference, my question relates to legacy format as I'm using hybrid backups (to NAS and cloud).

    So for example if I had a local folder D:\LargeFolder (with a tree of folders and files underneath it), and I wanted to move the entire tree to C:\Users\Foo\Documents\LargeFolder on both my active computer and in my backups, would a procedure like this (or something else) work or not?

    • In CBB, suspend CBB from doing any scheduled backups
    • Move contents from D:\LargeFolder to C:\Users\Foo\Documents\LargeFolder on local computer
    • Locate the CBB backups on NAS/cloud service. Suppose the location was \Backups\CBB_MYPC then this would mean moving everything inside \Backups\CBB_MYPC\D$\LargeFolder to \Backups\CBB_MYPC\C$\Users\Foo\Documents\LargeFolder
      • For backup on NAS, use the file management tool app for the NAS
      • For backup in cloud, CloudBerry Explorer would probably be the tool of choice
    • In CBB, synchronise Repository for the backup with both NAS and cloud versions
    • In CBB, re-enable scheduled backups

    Afterwards, the position I want to be in is
    • When next scheduled backup next runs, the data in C:\Users\Foo\Documents\LargeFolder is not treated as already backed up. Only files that were changed after I moved the folder are identified as needing to be backed up again.
    • If at some future time I happen to need to restore data from backup, the relevant number/age of versions are there and available as if the folder tree had been stored in C:\Users\Foo\Documents\LargeFolder the entire time

    Example use cases:
    • renaming a large folder
    • migrating from two smaller drives (system and programs on C:, some/all user data on D:) to a single larger drive with everything on C:

    In CloudBerry Backup, I can go to the Backup Storage and delete data, but not move it.

    (Side question: I've also noticed a context menu entry in the Backup Storage, Update Cloud File Info, but I can't find any indication of what this does or when it might be used.)
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