• Allan Coganovitch
    I have read the documentation and read various posts but I am still confused about chained backups for Files and Folders in Windows 10.
    My question is how to set up a chained backup where the files in the first backup in the chain have retention of perhaps 14 days (e.g. Outlook .PST) and the files in the second (chained) backup have a retention of 30 days (for example QuickBooks).
    Let's assume that the full backup/incremental will run every Saturday night and the block level on the other nights.
    I can understand that the first backup in the chain will run 'on schedule' at a specific time and follow the rules.

    However, what values do I enter in the second (chained) backup on the scheduling tab?
    For example, incremental on Saturday and block on other nights?
    After all, I only want the second backup to run at the completion of the first backup and never independently on its own.

    I hope that I have presented my question/concern properly.

    Thank you in advance.
  • BackupFan
    You might want to submit a ticket on this. Sometimes these issues can get a bit confusing.
  • Steve Putnam
    ”I only want the second backup to run at the completion of the first backup and never independently on its own”
    We too have separate backups/ retention periods for pst files, but do not use chained backups at all. The plans are scheduled to run at different times of the night, but even if they overlap with one another it does not cause any problems as they are backing up different files/folders.
  • Allan Coganovitch
    why are you not using Chained Backups?
  • Steve Putnam
    Well, the short answer is, we don’t need the feature.
    We run three backups of client data each night- local, Cloud 1, and Cloud 2.
    They can all run at the same time, and sometimes do, but we typically spread the start times out.
    Unless there is a specific dependency that file x has to be backed up prior to file y, I see no reason to bother with chained backups.
    It maybe that I am missing something , so I am open to suggestions as to why I should be using it.
  • Allan Coganovitch
    I have two or three scheduled backups.
    Incremental folders/files -> Excel, Word (3 versions)
    .PST (Bock level with Incremental weekly, 14 versions)
    Some clients only: A custom Access 'app' that the author would like to be able to recover for about 30 days. The main file is about 60-200 Mb and it changes every day. So, I am using block-level with an Incremental weekly.
    Right now, they are scheduled for let's say 1 am, 2 am and 3 am.
    The order does not matter.
    I thought it would be convenient to chain them so that the process starts at 1 am and completes a.s.a.p.

    However, I can not wrap my head around how the 2nd Block-Level would work.
    If I do not schedule it, because it would be chained, then how do I define when to perform the block vs. incremental?
    IE Block every day except Wednesday and incremental on Wednesday?
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