• Steve Putnam
    I am getting a lot of concern from customers due to the following wording on the email nofications that get sent after each plan execution:

    • Files and folders were skipped: 14998 (code: 1603)

    From looking at the style sheet, this is considered an "error", even though it is not an error at all.

    The clients do not understand, so I end up spending valuable time explaining to them why it is not a problem.

    I tried working with support years ago to customize the template and remove any unwanted language, but I was unable to get the Email subject to match the default email.
    We still want the word "SUCCESS" or "WARNING" to appear in the subject, but there was no way to include that in the subject using the alternate stylesheet template.

    If someone out there can reproduce the default email subject using the email customization template, it would be okay, but the only way to get rid of the message is to eliminate ALL error messages.

    Could we get MSP360 to remove this info from the Error category asuch that we could still see errors in the body of the email but not this info?
  • David Gugick
    That message was changed from "Error" to "Information" in the 6.3.3 release. But I'm guessing from your post that even that change has not been enough to ward off questions from customers. Would you like to remove the message altogether?

    Can you post (an edited) version of the email you are generating or send to me directly along with the template you are using (you should have my email address from previous email conversations).
  • Steve Putnam
    To answer your first question: yes, please eliminate that information altogether. Include error messages for failed/warning backups, but not skipped files.
    My clients only want to know that the backup happened successfully. They don’t care about anything else. Frankly, all the rest of the info provided does nothing but elicit questions. And the “download here” link. shows what backed up successfully, but doesn’t show what failed.
    Perhaps a discussion about the best options for client email notification is in order.
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