• Steve Putnam
    Been using Version 7.2 with Backblaze with the intent of doing a synthetic full image and VHDx Files each weekend.
    The retention period is set for 5 days. I would expect that once a new Synthetic full is completed that the previous weekend's backup would be purged - since it has been over five days since the last backup.
    That is not what is happening.
    It is saying that for last weeks version - "this will be purged in 5 days" - after completeing the new weekly backup.
    So it appears that the previous week backup does not get purged until 5 days after the next backup runs. Not what I expected/want.
    In this scenario, there will always be TWO backups in the Cloud, even though I want to keep only ONE backup. Previously it worked fine. I did monthly Image cloud backups with a retention of one week. The prior month's backup would get purged since obviously it was done a month ago, so I ended up with one full backup.

    I have sent this to support, but they do not seem to understand the question or think this is normal expected behavior. I am telling you that this is NOT expected behavior.
    I want to keep a single Full backup in Cloud Storage.
  • Steve Putnam
    See the screenshot below - taken today 11/7.
    First generation from 10/30- 10/31 says it will be deleted in two days.
    Yet the retention period is only 3 days and the job runs weekly so the first generation should have been deleted at the completion of the second generation on 11/6.
    Now if the data would actually get purged without having to wait until the next week's plan runs it would be ok. But it appears that there is no way to prevent there always being two generations in Cloud storage - doubling my cost.
  • Steve Putnam
    So I finally got the answer from support:

    You are absolutely right about new backup format retention. In new backup format, retention is the period of time a backup generation is retained once it has been replaced. This means in your Full Backup Only configuration you will always have two Full Backups. It is not currently possible to delete your previous Full Backup when you perform your next Full Backup.

    This is different from how retention worked in legacy backup format. Legacy format retention period was based on backup date.

    I'm going to submit a feature request on your behalf.
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