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    Is there a way to monitor whether scheduled full backups are successfully run without having to login to the local machine and look at the MSP360 agent Backup History tab? Most of the 50+ computers we manage are not available for us to login to at will, so it is easy for us to presume that full backups are running when we schedule them without being certain. Obviously the MSP360 portal shows when backups succeed or fail, but we haven't found anywhere that tells us that a full vs recurring (incremental) backup has run, only that a backup has succeeded or failed.
    Does such a report or page exist? And if it doesn't, we would like to request that a feature be added that would indicate what kind of backup was run from the portal itself.
    Unfortunately, we have had a situation where the full backups for our cloud and local backups were scheduled on the same day (but 8 hours apart), but since the cloud full backup was taking longer than 8 hours, the local full backup never ran as a full. This left us with eventually keeping over a year's worth of data (even though our retention policy says to keep a single month of data), because the data couldn't purge since it had to keep the only full backup and all of the subsequent incremental backups. Yet, just from looking at the portal, everything seemed like it was running normally. We didn't realize we had never gotten a full backup after the initial full until the local NAS began to run out of space.

    If such a feature could be added to keep such a situation from happening again (obviously there was human error involved, but we had no indication of the problem), and to also give us the peace of mind and assurance that full backups are actually running, that would be great.
    Thank you!
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