• Keith Luken
    I am evaluating Cloudberry backup for my home lab and so far it looks very promising. I use Hyper-V function to backup my running VMs to NAS and external drive. The real benefit to me is the legacy file backups where I can set it up to act like a file sync between my NAS and AWS Glacier Deep Archive.

    I can't use the new formats as I need the destination files to be readable and usable by any normal file access method and not have to require Cloudberry to access them.

    My concern is when companies label something "legacy" it genially means at some point it will not longer be supported.

    What is the support plan for legacy files backups? I would hate to spend all this time setting up and moving my backups to find in a year or so the feature may be removed?

    Overall appears to be a great product especially considering the price point.
  • John Edmondson
    according to an entry currently at the end of https://forum.msp360.com/discussion/2421/configuring-incremental-backups-with-periodic-full-backup, there is no current plan to retire the legacy backup format.
  • David Gugick
    Just so I am clear, you are using the stand-alone CloudBerry Backup for Windows with a file backup plan using the legacy backup format and you are using the Simple Mode backup mode? Simple Mode is only available in stand-alone and is only for file sync and not backup as there is no versioning, no encryption, and no compression, and no block-level backups.

    As John mentioned, we have no plans to retire the legacy plan format. I just call it that myself for clarification on the forums.
  • Keith Luken
    Correct, I actual use the Hyper-V product and have a Hyper-V plan to backup my VMs to NAS and then a legacy file plan in Simple mode to file sync my media files to Glacier Deep Archive. I have that plan set to delete the file in S3 30 days after it is deleted locally. As long as legacy mode will remain this looks like I will be purchasing it after a few more tests, nice product once you get the knack of it. One suggestion would be to allow simple mode to sync directly to the storage account path. Seems it creates a CBB folder then a folder under that which has the source path as the name.
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