• Eric
    Simple feature request to add a feature that prevents the end user from doing a shutdown, restart or sleep when running a backup.
    Perhaps a warning or reason added?
  • BackupFan
    That is an interesting request. I would be in favor of this feature so long as the user could ignore the message if the user felt that a reboot was necessary.
  • David Gugick
    Most backups can continue from where they left off. If that was the case for the backup you were running, would the addition of such a feature still provide the same utility for you?

    How would you expect the end-users to respond? And how would we handle"I'm done with work and closing the lid of my laptop" scenarios? For those types of users, they would not even see the screen. Most people I know just close the lid when they are done using their laptop and expect it do go to sleep.

    But even for desktops, I wonder under what circumstances an end-user would really not shut down the system, despite the message. Let's say they are done for the day and they get the message a backup is running when shutting down. What would you expect they would do?

    Maybe a solution is to have a option to lock the computer and shut down when the current backup completes. I'm not sure this would work. If they are on a laptop, they're probably just closing the lid, and even if the laptop does not shut down (I don't like that thought) they will probably lose their internet connection anyway when they leave the office and the backup stops.

    I could see this as useful message for power users and administrators working on servers. But I wonder what non-technical, end-users would do.

    I'll check the system to see if a request is already in the system. If not, I'll add it for User Initiated shutdown requests. I'm not sure the best solution here, but let me know if you have any additional thoughts from the MSP perspective.
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