• Steve Putnam
    I’m trying to figure out a way to detect files that have been deleted on the source machine. There is a setting under advanced options that said Mark objects deleted on a backup source”, and I recall seeing something about tracking deletes, but there’s no good explanation as to what these do and how they work.
    It would be really great to be anke to see a list of files that have been deleted on the source.
  • David Gugick
    Steve, tracking deleted files means that when a file is deleted locally but is being retained in backup storage, we mark the file in backup storage as deleted. That way when you do a restore, you don't have to restore deleted files. What are you looking to do with the information about files that were recently deleted if you are able to get that information? I'll have to check to see if this some way to extract this from the backup metadata, but I'm not sure offhand.
  • Steve Putnam
    For troubleshootng purposes, we would like to be able to see which files were deleted on any given day from the source. A report that shows files/folders deleted on a particular client machine on a certain day or range of dates would be great.
    Does the backup storage tab have a different icon or a flag that shows a file/folder has been deleted?
    Would be nice to get ahead of large accidental file/folder deletions rather than waiting foer the cient to realize a file/folder is missing.
    And on a somewhat related note, has there been any progress on the true point in time restore model that we discussed a while back?
  • David Gugick
    On first look, I do not think there's a way to report on files that have been deleted locally. I'll ask the team, but we would never know when the files were deleted, regardless. All we would know is that a backup no longer saw the file and would mark it in storage as deleted.

    I guess I would be interested in hearing more about what type of troubleshooting you're doing where having this information somewhere would help.

    And I passed your other question on to the PM for that product. If he has not replied to you yet, let me know and I'll ping him again.
  • Steve Putnam
    It’s more of a nice to have, To be able to see which files are going to get purged once the retention period for deleted files is reached.
    the bigger issue is the one where we are required to restore all files that are flagged as deleted if we select” restore deleted files”.
    We keep two years of deleted files on local storage so it would be nice to have a setting where we could specify “restore deleted files deleted before or after a specific date.
  • WSpeed
    Hi Team, a suggestion would be to add on the Detailed Reporting.
    As there is already the information of which files were Backed up, Purged...

    Instead of having only
    "Information about 1432 deleted files", you could have 1 line per file.

    The end result would b something lik:

    C:\File.txt Backup
    C:\fileold.txt Purged
    c:\filedeleted.txt Deleted

    We had this requirement in the past, but we decided to not pursue it.

    Hopefully this suggestion helps on where to put this information.
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