• QiQQ
    Is it possible by a block level backup with lets say 14 blocks, to remove the last 7 and will the back-up check again for changes in blocks from part 7?
  • Sergey
    Why would you want to do that ?
    to remove the last 7QiQQ
    I cannot seem to think of a use case that would need any such manipulation, so please share what caused this question :)
  • QiQQ
    Because I don't have the space at the moment for a new full backup... On my lab environment
  • David Gugick
    I'm not clear on the question, so let me rephrase and you can correct:

    • You are running a block-level backup and have a very large file
    • You have enabled full backups of that file on some schedule
    • However, you do not have sufficient storage space to perform a second full backup on the file

    Is that the gist of it?

    If so, I see a couple options, none great:

    • Do not schedule the recurring full backups. In this case, you'll continue to create incremental backups without the possibility to remove any from backup storage. Depending on how small these incremental, block-level backups are compared to the file as a whole, you might be able to bide your time until you can install a larger hard drive.
    • Run block-level backups as needed, and with a reminder, delete the full backup from backup storage and immediately sync the repository and run a new full backup. This option means you 'll be in a position of having no backups for the file at times until the new one is ready
    • Move this backup to the cloud, where space is not an issue. You can select a lower-cost cloud provider to mitigate costs
    • Back up to the Amazon S3 cloud, but instead of block-level, do an image backup of only that folder and select the Synthetic Full backup option. That will speed up all future full backups to reduce time

    If I misunderstood the problem, please let me know.

  • QiQQ

    Hi David, thanks and I understand all of them. But maybe my question was wrong, what I want to know.

    1. If I have a full back-up
    2. and lets say 10 block levels
    3. and I delete the 10 block levels
    4. Do a consistency check
    5. Run a new block level back-up
    - Will this new block level backup have all changes from the first full or do it still needs the 10 missing blocks?

    This is just for a test case scenario.
  • David Gugick
    Block-level backups are all incremental. If you delete any of them, you'll break the chain and need to run a new full.
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