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    Hey all,

    First I would like to thank all of you for your responses to my posts so far, you've all been a huge help, and I really appreciate it.

    My question today is in regards to the benefits of moving our cloud storage to Amazon from BackBlaze.

    The main reason we picked B2 in the first place was due to price, and we have been experiencing some issues because of this decision. From my understanding, S3 should help us mainly with the synthetic full image backup option, as we are having backups take multiple days to complete.

    I am not sure if S3 will allow Cloudberry to better manage failed backups, as in deleting the failed image backups that are stored on B2 as "Unfinished Large Files". We currently have 2-3 times as much storage on our bill from B2 then what we are using because of these unfinished files. Will these be handled better in S3?

    Another issue we've had is accessing the cloud storage through the web portal. We have been told that this is a common issue with B2 and I was wondering if this is also an issue in S3, as we have a customer that insists on seeing his files in the browser.

    Are there any other benefits to making the migration? This will take some work on hour side to complete a move like this and I just want to make sure I get all the information I can get to complete the business case.

    Again, thank you in advance for your time and effort,
  • Sergey
    Let me know if I missed something in my reply :)
    Yes, with S3 we can do Synthetic backup unlike the situation with B2. We do plan to implement it for B2 too, but no sure dates can be said at the moment.

    With S3 there is no such problem with unfinished multipart uploads and to be on the safe side you can always configure a Lifecycle Rule "Action on Incomplete Multipart Uploads" or apply a Bucket Policy like this one:
    (policy taken from https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/mpuoverview.html)

    No, currently there are no issues with Online Access work when the data is in S3.

    Overall since S3 is there longer compared to B2, we have various things done fro S3 that are still being implemented for B2. The above mentioned Synthetic Backup is a fine example of such situation.
  • Tom's Help Desk
    I appreciate your help. I just created an account on S3 and started our first test backup. I'm hoping to kill all three birds with one stone and I will let you know how it goes.
  • James
    Tom, I know your post is 4 months old but just wondering if you ended up migrating to S3 from B2 and how that went. We are having some of the same problems you mentioned with B2 and I definitely would consider a switch to S3. Also, did you do standard S3 or S3 IA? IA is at least a little closer in pricing to B2.
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