• Snir
    Hi guys,
    I want to perform an image based backup on my laptop to my old computer which is my current NAS.
    Since a full backup takes a long time and i'm doing it on my laptop, i want to perform it with this plan:

    1) Perform a full backup to an external hard drive
    2) Manually move the backup files to my NAS
    3) Perfom a daily backup to my NAS directly.

    After a month - return to phase 1 (Perform a full backup again and delete the older files)

    Now i just wanna make sure i'm doing it correct (or if you have a better suggestion i'll be glad to hear it):
    I have 2 Plans:
    1) External Hard Drive (FULL)
    2) NAS Daily

    - I'm connecting my hard disk, run the External Hard Drive Plan.
    - Connecting it to the NAS, transfering all the files to the folder i configured on the NAS Daily Plan.
    - Run Synchronize Repository on the NAS Daily plan
    - NAS Daily is schedule to run everyday, and with a pre-action script it checks if i passed my storage limit.
    When i pass the storage limit, i perform this loop again.

    Suppose to run well, right?
    And if you have more strategic plans for a laptop full backups i'll be glad to hear.

    Thanks guys!
  • Matt
    Yes, that should actually work without problems if everything is performed correctly. Can't think of anything to add currently, since that setup is quite easy to configure.

    If you want to perform off-site full image-backups effortlessly and quickly in the future the best choice would be to upload data to S3 using synthetic full option, that way full backups would be almost as quick as block-level ones after the first full upload.
  • Snir

    Thanks for the quick response Matt.
    Great i'll try it out.

    Just read about the synthetic backup. It's a great option.
    I understand it's only available for Amazon S3.
    Is it possible to make this feature available for NAS (and other storage providers) as well in the next version?

  • Matt
    Yes, we're actually working on implementing that. No concrete ETA as of yet, but current target release is version 6.1. I've added you to the list of people to be notified when this feature becomes available.
  • Snir

    Great! Thank you very much!
    Looking forward to it :)
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