• Peter Devlin
    Can anyone cite examples of Cloudberry Backup Linux successfully backing up to a destination that is a mount point with a network filesystem? I have a Pro server and an Ultimate server both of which seem to be unable to backup to a CIFS mount even though the mount is 100% read-write capable. So far my support ticket has not yielded any success so I'm looking for input from the hivemind.

    For the record the logs contain errors of this form:

    2018-08-13 11:16:54,653867 [ERROR]: [ CBB ] [ 4 ] Backup error: /etc/php.d/xmlreader.ini
    message: Error on create destination path
    code: 2
    2018-08-13 11:16:54,653894 [ERROR]: [ CBB ] [ 4 ] Backup finished: /etc/php.d/xmlreader.ini with errror: Error on create destination path

    I have seen similar errors on local filesystem targets when out of disk space. This leads me to wonder if the worker daemons are unable to address a mounted network filesystem? That would seem a bit odd given the cloud focus (S3, Google et al) but I'm getting rather desperate.
  • Gleb
    Hello . As far as I can see, your ticket is under investigation now. The responsible support engineer will provide further troubleshooting steps, and I'll see to it the further steps are correct and precise.

    Now I feel I must explain something. Indeed, due to our focus on the cloud storage the local network backup is yet to be improved.
    Technically, CloudBerry Backup for Linux knows nothing of local network storage, which is what causes troubles at times; it runs backup to the local directory where the share is mounted to.

    Of course, we do have plans to implement proper support for SMB/CIFS shares along with SFTP shares; we also think of NFS shares but that's in a longer time perspective.
    I'd guess it will be late October, but don't take it for granted yet.

    Also, is this a Windows share or a Linux one (ex. a NAS device)? If the latter, you might want to try mounting it over SSHFS (here is a nice howto), that works fine for me with a Linux share for like 8 months now.
  • Peter Devlin
    The "responsible engineer" is not. Had he simply told me this info (doesn't work on mount points) at the outset I wouldn't have wasted man hours on troubleshooting.

    You (Cloudberry) need to make this info clear somewhere prominent.
  • Gleb
    , apologies for the man hours wasted! We will take your recommendation into account.
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