• donnod
    On Windows.

    I have created a backup plan to backup to S3. It is using Block Level Backup and monthly full backup.

    It was working, but then I had to change the target destination bucket.

    Now the backups are running to the new location but I am missing a bunch of files, as it appears it is only backing up changed files. I've tried right-clicking on the plan and selected "Force Full Backup", and again it just runs a quick incremental backup and a bunch of files are missing.

    I change the plan to force a scheduled full daily backup about 5 minutes from now and it ran at that time, but again only did an incremental backup.

    I am prepared to create an entirely new plan, but would rather understand why this isn't working.

    Any ideas what is wrong?
  • Gleb
    Hi , this is how it is supposed to work - the "full" backup is incremental. It makes full versions of files that have changed since last full backup.
    As in,
    day1 - Full version of the file A
    day2 - Block version of the file A
    day3 - new Full version of the file A
    day4 - no Block version because the file has not changed
    day5 - no Full version because the file has not changed compared to the last Full

    and so on.

    A good write-up here, please check it: https://www.cloudberrylab.com/blog/backup-types-explained-incremental-vs-differential-vs-full-vs-synthetic/
  • David Gugick
    Just to clarify, all file backups are incremental forever; meaning, after the initial Full backup, each subsequent execution only backs up the files that changed. If you use Block-Level, it means CloudBerry will back up only the changes within files (great for larger files that have small changes compared to the overall size). When you schedule Full backups (with Block-Level), you are only telling CloudBerry to perform a full file backup on any files previously backed up with a block-level backup. That way, CloudBerry can properly maintain retention.

    If you change targets in the backup plan, you should have CloudBerry run a consistency check on the repository (Register Accounts - Edit - Consistency Check) so it can update the local database with what's in the new backup storage (nothing, presumably). Or you can clone the old plan and edit the target (and then delete the original if it's no longer needed). A repository consistency check can take some time depending on the quantity of files, so it might just be easier to create the new plan as detailed above using the Clone option.
  • donnod
    Thanks both for the information and confirmation. @David, I went with your solution and created a new backup plan.

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