• jeanderson410
    For some reason, my nightly backups have stopped running over a week ago. I checked the settings and they have not changed. Worse, when I click my backup storage item (S3 backup), I only see a few files - The "Applications", ".DS_Store" and ".OSInstallerMessages" under the root of the hard drive.

    This *might* be related to the fact that I did a database synchronize over a week ago. Not sure. Should I do another synchronize? The reason I did the original synchronize was so that I could delete files directly under my S3 storage and get the local database in sync. I did this because I cannot delete multiple files in my backup from the Cloudberry GUI (I posted another question about this, but could not select a range of files).

    I'm running version and I know a newer version is available. Should I try to upgrade or try to fix this problem first?
  • Gleb
    Hello , this seems to be a task for our Support Team. Please try the following:
    - update to the latest version (
    - retry running backup
    - if it fails, use Feedback > Send to provide our support team with all the required diagnostic information (please also mention this Forum thread in the description).

    About synchronization - all it does is: read what is there in the storage, add records to the local database (if anything is missing).
    If you can only see "a few files" right after synchronization has finished - it should mean there's only "a few files" there in the storage.
    We usually do not recommend to delete data outside of CloudBerry Backup, because it may lead to confusion and deletion of data not supposed to be deleted. For mass manual deletion, though, it should be the easiest way (your request for multi-object deletion right in the app was put on our roadmap)
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