• Brian Fiori
    I've connected to a couple friends' computers and in both cases I could not fit the entire remote screen onto my desktop display (I have a 24" display). I have to constantly keep moving the scroll bars to get anything done. I haven't been able to find a control to fit the entire desktop into my window.

    To make matters worse, is there no way to effectively shrink the two menus on the remote computer? Other remote software typically lets you "hide" those menus to the side. I can physically move the the menu, of course. But no matter where I move it, it's so large it ends up in the way.

    I'm guessing there is a simple solution to both these issues, but I haven't be able to find it.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance.
  • Gleb
    Hi . For the first thing there's a button for Scaled Mode at the right hand of the Chat button in the top panel. What it does is literally fit the big screen from the remote side to the smaller screen of your monitor.

    For the second thing there's that pin button at the left end of both top panel (the black one) and bottom panel (the white one). It hides the top panel when the mouse is not over it. With the bottom panel it's not as beautiful in the released version of Remote Assistant - but with the next update we'll make it as smooth.

    Hope it helps! Let me know if there's anything else you found no obvious
  • Brian Fiori
    Thank you so much, Gleb. I'll have to check those out later today. I kept thinking the arrow at the right end of the menus would slide them into a miniature mode. But it kept disconnecting me.
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