• BillH
    As noted in a previous posting I found that my backups were not taking place because the Cloudberry Service was not starting on my PC and there is no warning or error message that will notify you of this fact.

    As a work around to this problem I wrote 2 utility scripts using a Windows utility language for my personal use but I was thinking that perhaps CloudBerry developers might consider writing a similar executable utility that can perform the same tasks as my scripts do.

    The first script simply queries Windows to see if the Cloudberry service is running and if it finds it stopped it starts it. I set me script up on the Windows Task Scheduler to run 15 minutes ahead of my scheduled backup. Now, if I restart my PC, I don't have to worry about verifying that the Cloudberry Service is running as my script will start it if it's in a stopped state.

    The second utility that I wrote looks for the last successful backup in the Cloudberry Backup log file and compared the log entry date of that record against the current date and pops up a message box on screen that tells me how many days it's been since that last successful backup. Yes, I know that I can bring up the Cloudberry user interface and look at the logs there but I wanted something that would tell me the status of my backups with a single mouse click. .

    Both of these utility scripts were under 50 lines of code so it would not be a time consuming effort to provide something similar as part of the product. Hopefully Cloudberry personnel will read this suggestion and do something as these utilities are a big benefit to me and I would expect that they would be helpful to others as well.
  • Matt
    According to our bug-tracker improvements regarding that will be made in version 6.1 but there is no particular info about those as of yet. Anyway, thanks for the feedback!
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