• asdffdsa
    hello and thanks for reading this.
    I am concerned that there is no clear way to verify backups.
    I noticed that there is an tools/option/connection checkbox for 'use md5 checksum'
    I am not sure what that is for, since there is no help, use as an hover-over option.
    and there is nothing at all in the detail report log about checksum or verification.

    so does cloudberry backup do md5 checksum for each and every file in a backup?
  • Matt
    Yes, that's correct, that's why this option is there.
    There's never been even a single case where MD5 checks failed during backup/restore procedures.
  • asdffdsa
    hi matt,
    thanks for the reply.
    I am liking CBDE so far and good to know about the MD5 checks.
    perhaps a little help text would be helpful, there is plenty of free space on that tab.

    also, I would suggest an option to make the consistency check, per backup, not per bucket.

    perhaps I could ask another question.

    I noticed that there is an option for the scheduler for real-time backup and that it will monitor selected folders for changes.
    let's say that the folder being monitored, I start to copy a 10GB file to that folder, which will take 20 minutes to copy to that folder.
    at what point does CB start to upload the file to the cloud? how does CB know that the copy has finished and can start the upload?

  • Matt
    The procedure is quite simple: the file is technically not in the folder until it's fully copied to it, so if you already have a large data set uploaded to the cloud the software will start to upload it almost immediately once it detects its presence in that location.
  • asdffdsa
    hi matt, wanted to point out that i am the systems administrator for cchnet.net.
    . we have over 50 locations and 2,000+ empoloyees.

    i purchased CBDE on my own to do some testing.
    I use veeam to backup our servers and I noticed this

    I would like to discuss this in more detail, perhaps you could email me.
    i would prefer not to have my business email address visible to others in the forum,
  • Matt
    That's a very old article, but I guess it's still relevant.
    Such files can be backed up by simply using file backup plan, nothing complicated here.

    You can PM me here on forum(emails can't be seen by other users) or just write an email to mentioning my name. All info in the ticket system is confidential.
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