• Dhayes
    Synthetic fulls to Wasabi are really a potential game changer. Most of our customers are using hyperv hosts and we would love to use the VM version of cbb. However it appears synthetic fulls are not supported using the VM version of cbb. I am curious if others here are resorting to installing the agent on each VM to get the data to Wasabi for synthetic fulls. Obviously we would need to be aware of host server and network resources when these agent based jobs fire off.

    But I was wondering if there would be any downside to using the agent based backup as opposed to the VM version (which really works well but synthetic full would be awesome) .


  • MattAccepted Answer
    That's on our road map, but I don't have any ETA yet, sorry.
  • QiQQ
    Cloudberry image based back-ups can be used on Hyper-V clients, but you will get some small problems. One of them is that I wasn't always able to restore the server, the Cloudberry recovery disk was very slow in lab environment.

    But the most important part is that if you have a image based back-up you're HAL will have a other ID, then the new server where you will restore it. One of the most simple examples is that you get a new network card inside you're server and it's called #2. So also you're ID's will be changed, what can be very annoying when you try to restore a domain controller.

    Beside the performance issues, it's always better to back-up from the host. It will send a snapshot message to the client, what will make a volume shadow copy and then create the back-up.

    I'm also waiting a long time for Cloudberry to support at least synthetic full, but even better CBT and they are already supporting that for VMWare. CBT is the most efficient way and for MSP's it will be perfect if it is possible in Microsoft Azure, because as a CSP partner you can make just a little more money and let you're client host there back-up in their own Azure space.
  • Dhayes
    thanks for the response. Man it would really be nice if these features were available. The need to reseed a 1 TB VM backup every 14 days or so makes it not very usable for image based backups. I really love cbb. It works very well.
  • tekshelter
    I completely agree. We currently have a customer with a Hyper-V host with over 1TB of data. It takes 4-6 days to push a full backup to the cloud. We are struggling to come up with a good solution, as missing that many days of incremental backups is not viable. We previously used Solarwinds Backup, which syncs the local backup to the cloud in the background. If CBB could implement a similar feature, it would be great!
  • Dhayes
    I hope so. Cloudberry is really awesome and if they were able to get synthetic backups working with hybrid and VM all would be right with the world
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