• Royce Fessenden
    I can log into a remote computer but I have not been able to figure out how to transfer a file from the remote computer to the local computer. Tried copy/paste, drag and drop, nothing seems to work. I can open the file transfer window but can't get a file into the queue.

    Is there documentation somewhere on the feature? Can someone give me the steps? Or is this a bug?

  • Royce FessendenAccepted Answer
    I finally figured it out. There is a SECOND command panel that I did not see on the bottom of the screen that says "Screen shared to ...." That panel has to be used for a remote transfer from the remote to the local computer. Easy, once I found it.
  • john mendes
    This may be "old news" but I had the same problem until I read this answer.
    The panel that Royce refers to is indeed on the bottom of the "remote" screen.
    When you click on the file transfer icon - a grey window shows up but no contents.
    If you click on the expand arrow of the file transfer icon you will see, Upload Files, File Transfer Queue, Open Downloads Folder.
    When you click on Upload Files - a file explorer window opens with a folder directory (this is on your remote PC, the one you connected to).
    Now you can search for the files on your Remote PC and then click on the file to load it into the menu box, then click on Open in the dialog window. The file is automatically sent from the Remote PC to the "LOCAL" PC. The rub is that it sends it to a specific folder on your Local PC.
    This is the path: C:\Users\Public\Downloads\CloudBerry Remote Assistant. It took me a while to find this.
    The other command in the Panel - File Transfer Icon - File Transfer Queue - does not seem to work as a window splashes up on the screen but is all greyed out. If anyone knows why - please reply.
    The Open Downloads Folder seems to work OK as that opens the downloads folder on the REMOTE PC.
    The problem was that I thought I was still in my local PC because the Title of that explorer window says "Select File(s) to Send to the remote computer". It really should say "Select File(s) to send to the LOCAL COMPUTER" when you are sending files FROM the remote computer.
    I hope this helped out a bit as the answers to this same question were not that explicit.
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