• Gleb
    Hi there. New release of Backup for Mac - v - has become available for Managed Backup and Standalone Backup.

    New features:

    - Detailed Report.

    Implemented the same way as in Backup for Windows.
    For standalone CloudBerry Backup it is an option in the backup plan wizard.
    For Managed Backup it can only be configured on Remote Management (+ Remote Deploy).

    - Seeding backup data via hardware data transfer.

    It is now possible because Backup for Mac no longer uses characters that are not supported in certain file systems in the backup folder structure (namely, [ : ] is not supported in NTFS).

    Data Transfer Appliances that are supposed to work just fine now: Azure Import and Backblaze B2 Fireball.
    By the way, AWS Snowball Edge is also supported, although the procedure is slightly different.

    - Backup to SMB/CIFS network shares.

    It is now possible for the same reason - unsupported characters are not used anymore.
    The same change has been made in Backup for Windows v 6.0 - so the two versions of the software are staying inter-compatible in terms of being able to restore each other's backups.

    Please note that the network share still has to be mounted before a backup plan starts - an automated way to do this is coming in one of the upcoming major releases.

    - Wasabi EU-Central-1 Region.

    Wasabi have announced they're opening a new DC in Europe (Amsterdam).
    The new region - eu-central-1 - is now supported in Backup for Mac.

    Bugs fixed:

    - Multiple minor stability and performance issues.

    UX improvements (only the most important):

    - In GUI on the Plan View page there is a now a clickable link that leads to the backup history.

    - An attempt to backup a folder that Backup has no permission to read now returns an error.

    - Multiple incorrect plan status issues.

    - Multiple bad error messages.
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