I am a complete newbie to Cloudberry backup. though it seems to be working well for me.

    I use a Perforce based source control system that tracks which files are "checked out" on the client (I don't mean locked by an application but rather just the server has been notified that I intend to edit the file). All the files that are are not "checked out" are given a readonly attribute bit whereas those checked out for edit are writeable. In my situation > 99% of the content will be readonly and be reliably backed up on the remote server (as I haven't changed them). Perforce keeps all directories writeable independent of whether the files in them are writeable.

    Is there any way to create a backup of just the writeable files. I realize I could add a prerun script that creates a shadow copy of just the writeable ones and then backup that, but that seems rather redundant and error prone. Was hoping for some kind of filter like the system / hidden filter.
  • Matt
    There's currently no option to skip read-only file attributes, but I sent a feature request to our developers on your behalf for further consideration.

    This could indeed be a very interesting option to implement. Currently there's only an option to skip hidden and system files with various custom filters.
  • KMR
    For this to work well it would be important that the software would have the option of dynamically tracking the read/only bit (in a similar way to how it tracks deletes).
    a) if on last backup a file was writeable and subsequently becomes readonly. It would mean the server now has the latest one and on the next client backup it should treat it as though it had been deleted. b) Similarly if a file becomes writeable between backups it should be backed up once it becomes writeable as now the client has changes that are not stored on the server.

    Thanks for pushing this request on.
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