• Mark Hamblin
    Ok guys I have read much of the info on what a full, incremental and Block level backup is, in Cloudberry terms.
    ie it does a full backup to start and an incremental there after as far as I can see.
    But what I am looking for is a full backup once per week,.. with incrementals each day, and retention for 3 weeks,.. therebye keeping the last two full, and their incrementals..
    As per examples given in your pages,... So can you please tell me how to set this up on the linux App.,.. as I would have expected to see options somewhere to set 'full' backup once per week or something...
    Have I missed some menu options,....
    Many tx
  • Anton Zorin
    let me try to explain how it works.
    A full backup is usually considered as a set of all files on source falling under the selected criteria.
    In fact, what we do for file backup (and this is what's available for Linux currently), is incremental and block-level incremental.
    Unlike regular schedule for block-level, where we send deltas of the files, with Full backup schedule, we back up full versions of those files (entire files), but it's actually incremental.

    To create the real full (consisting of all files) you need to change the destination folder or a bucket and it will perform the real full, but I realize it's too much of overhead.
    I will file an enhancement request to fix the wording.

    Thank you,
  • Mark Hamblin
    Hi Anton,.. Tx for responding,.. but I am a little more confused,...
    Are you saying,. I cannot create a 'full Backup',.. unless I create a new plan... ie new destination folder?
    As currently all CBB creates is incremental type backup from the initial,.. 'full backup',..

    How do I create the rolling incremental/ full and weekly type backup shown in the docs here:-
    and the spec. stuff here:-
    That talks about "Full, incremental, block-level backups"

    I only backup to a local network storage resource,.. so space and bandwidth is not an issue,.. I just want a complete backup to be stored,.. somewhere else.... and I certainly am not interested in restoring months of incrementals,.. a week at most.

    or am I missing something.
  • Gleb
    yes, this is correct. When you run file backup (and that is the only option available in Backup for Linux) there is currently no way to make CloudBerry re-backup everything that has not changed.

    Our Backup is incremental whether you use Block Level option or not.
    According to the schedule, it will sometimes upload...

    ... Full versions of files.
    These are the exact copies of what the file was before backup. Like really just a copy, byte to byte.

    ...Block versions of files.
    These are the delta (or the sum of changes) between the latest Full version and the current state of the file.

    What we call "incremental" in this context is this - if a file has had 0 changes between its latest Full version and now (during the backup) - this file will not be re-uploaded to the storage

    If you have Block Level Backup enabled and a Full Schedule configured you will not need to go through months of incremental versions of files.
    The restore process will pick the latest Full version and apply any Block versions to it if needed.
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