• Gleb
    We are proud to announce the release of Backup for Linux v today.

    New features

    - Pre-Backup and Post-Backup Script Execution

    This is a way to run a custom script right before/after the backup plan execution.
    Functions the same way as in Backup for Windows - specify the script file(s) and go.
    Supported in CLI, GUI, WebUI.

    NOTE: this functionality is not available for PRO and Server editions of standalone Backup for Linux

    Popular use cases:

    - Mount/unmount network shares before/after backup - KB link.
    - MySQL automated backup - KB link.

    - Improvements and Additions to Backup Filters

    "Skip folders" filter has been added in the Backup plan wizard,
    "Skip files" and "Include files" filters have been improved.

    4 types of filters are now supported:

    - Built-in Updates Check for standalone Backup

    From now on, this is the recommended way to install updates in CloudBerry Backup.
    Supported in CLI, GUI, WebUI

    Managed Backup has had a similar feature implemented for long time - although there it is managed centrally, not in the client app.

    - Support for S3 Intelligent Tiering, Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive in Managed Backup client

    First of all, this should be enabled (and may be configured) in Downloads > Advanced Rebranding

    Storage Class usage may further be set up in Remote Deploy (edit a configuration here) and Remote Management (edit a backup plan here).

    Bugs fixed

    - Various UI hanging issues

    - Various inconsistencies of the scheduler work

    - The Backup service is now correctly restarted (when required) on all platforms

    - Files that should be purged due to Retention Policy right after upload are no longer backed up

    UX improvements

    - Plan info screen in WebUI has been unified with that in GUI

    - Multiple bad error text improvements

    - Tooltips for different Azure Access Tiers have been added - same as S3 Storage Classes tooltips.
  • Joseph Boren
    Great news on the update! Will the post-scripts be able to be used to kick of another backup job, for chaining jobs together?

  • Gleb
    Thanks !
    Yes, you can kick another plan off with a [ /opt/local/CloudBerry\ Backup/bin/cbb plan -r "plan name goes here" ] script
  • Noah Abrahamson
    I saw that you indicated the XML version output of an exclusion (eg
    ) — what is the recommended instruction for adding or editing excludes in the web interface for MSP admins?

    Also, thanks for the new excludes!
  • Gleb
    , just entering *My* should suffice, see the screenshot
  • Noah Abrahamson
    Great! Similarly separated by semicolons?
  • M Prindle
    Hi Gleb,

    It seems there's a bug in the Linux client that resets the S3 storage class back to the default of standard
    when upgraded to the new version. This forces a full backup of all data and now that data is being storage in the wrong class.

    Resetting the storage class on the plan does reset it, but it shouldn't reset the class to start with.
  • M Prindle
    After more checking it seems that it has reverted all of the back plans to a full, so either i have to figure out how to fix it or I have to do full backups of all of my plans again. Any suggestions?
  • Gleb
    we could not reproduce in the standalone CloudBerry Backup, however this can happen in Managed Backup if the configuration in Remote Deploy overwrites the current settings.

    Please contact support using the Feedback button in the top side control panel, they will need the diagnostics and the description (you can just refer to this thread)
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