• Bobby Kearan
    We have Cloudberry running to back up File Shares. These are mounted to the local machine, some NFS, some SMB shares. Some files are getting "Access denied" on the NFS shares.

    We have tried moving the backup jobs to root user directory - to run the jobs as the local Root - but this doesn't help as the files are on remote SANs.

    Any ideas on how we can get the backup job or mount authenticated as a different user that already has permissions (adminaccount@sharehost) or other workaround?
  • Bobby Kearan
    NOTE: Shares are mounted with fstab like : /SanName/Shared nfs hard,intr,nfsvers=3 0 0
  • Gleb
    Hello . The thing is, CloudBerry Backup for Linux does not officially support NFS. It may work in some cases but it is not supposed to work and we cannot guarantee it will.

    We will probably change this in the future but at this point we don't have any firm plans about it.

    As a workaround, I can suggest mounting the network share via SMB or SSHFS. This is also subject to further improvements in Backup for Linux but at least we know it does work.

    There's a good article about SSHFS right here (3rd party source) and for SMB I'm pretty sure you don't need a specific guide (or at least you can find one on the Internet easily)

    Here's how you can make Backup work with it - learn here - until we implement a more straight-forward way.
    If you choose SSHFS some of the commands might differ, but not too drastically. It should be somewhat obvious what needs to be changed
  • Bobby Kearan
    As the files are on a Linux file system, SMB is not applicable as far as I know.
    I am working on the SSHFS now - will report on results. Thank you!
  • Bobby Kearan
    So far, its a no go with SSHFS as the authentication on the SAN is not working... as in the share in on a SAN, but the authentication is controlled by a NIS server, so not sure how to work SSHFS in this case.
    sshfs user@sanip:/share won't work because user is not a user on the SAN - users on the SAN are not allowed on the shares...
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