• Ryan
    Why does this take so long? I have a rather large archive (a bit over 3TB) stored in Google Drive Backup. When I initiate a backup, it must search for modified files which, as far as I can tell, is a process that either never ends or takes an egregious amount of time to complete. I'm talking hours here, and then I usually just give up. If I run a consistency check, it will work right away after that, but a consistency check on that quantity of data takes nearly a week. Is there any way to speed up this process? Using Desktop Edition version , ransomware protection off, Advanced mode, backup NTFS permissions, compression and encryption enabled.

    I can break the archive up into smaller backups if need be (much of the data is essentially cold storage and only a small subset of the data changes or is added to each month), but I need to know best practices here.
  • Ted Kopylovskiy
    Hello Ryan,

    The personal cloud storage solutions like Google Drive or OneDrive usually have very strict API limitations. Since 3 TB is a significant amount of data, we usually recommend switching to their "big brothers", like Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. Check out this article, for example.

    Now, I understand that switching over to Google Cloud might be pricey, so I may suggest considering BackBlaze or Wasabi as more cost-effective storage alternatives.

    Apart from that, feel free to send logs to our support team (go Tools > Diagnostic > Send to Support), so they could provide you with some additional recommendations.
  • Steve Putnam
    We backup a server with over 1 million files, totalling over 3 TB, to both Amazon S3 and to Google Nearline each night. Each backup job takes 30-40 minutes to complete each night. Not sure why your block level backups are taking so long to complete. What kind of server are you running on?
  • David Gugick
    Can you verify whether you have any of these options set:
    * Use block-level backup
    * Force using VSS
    * Use System VSS provider
    * Use Fast NTFS Scan
  • Sacha B
    Force Using VSS was doing this to me. Turned it off and it worked instantly. Maybe related to my Intel Rapid Store Technology being enabled, not sure.
  • David Gugick
    Thanks for the update and glad you are working properly. When CloudBerry Backup encounters a locked file, it will snapshot the file automatically, which should be very fast. I am thinking using the Force option may be trying to snapshot the entire drive, but I'll reach out internally to see if I can get any additional details on your case.
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