• Bogmosnster

    Just playing with Cloudberry to see if it is right for me. When I first installed I got fast backups to B2 but now it is very slow - about 4mbps. To be fair my internet connection is slow at the moment for some reason. Running the Backblaze speedtest website I get a ping of 200ms (it was 400 last night - ouch). I am in the UK. Upload is 18Mbps and download is 70Mbps. I am also running the Backblaze own rolled backup solution (that is what I was looking to replace) and that is running reasonably fast.

    As far as I can tell the computer is not CPU bound or memory bound or network bound.

    Anyway, I have tried adjusting the memory allocation and number of threads. As far as I can tell it is using 4 threads regardless of what I set in the UI. I am looking at Glasswire that tells me there are 4 x bxtrans64....exe.

    Should memory be set in engineering file or UI now - I see there is a memory UI section, is that new?

    I know SFTP is not supported but I did try anyway and the backup process consumed all my system RAM (16GB physical) and then crashed.

  • Bogmosnster
    I should add that my ping to a local server is 14ms, download is 82Mbps and upload is 30Mbps so the dire ping is going from UK to US.
  • David Gugick
    based on that information, can you confirm that you're using cloudberry on a UK PC and backing up a remote share that's in the US? If so, is there anyway you can install the cloudbury agent on the remote US machine and back up from there?If so, is there anyway you can install the cloudbury agent on the remote US machine and back up from there? I see a few issues with this current setup. One, you are backing up a machine very far away using regular remote share services, and the second is that you're bringing that data back to the UK And then sending it back to the US for the to the back to the US B2 data center. You can check your upstream speed to B2 by itself from a tool on their website that'll test bandwidth to B2.
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