• Robert Heath
    So why does Cloudberry Backup hang? Did the developers neglect to put timeouts in their code that can detect a hang condition? Or does that app just get "Lost in Space" and go into never never land?

    And, after the user has to abort Cloudberry because Cloudberry hangs, is the backup corrupt? Is there a way that the user can tell whether they can resume the backup and have a good backup?

    If the backup is corrupt, cleaning up the mess is a BIG problem. Deleting the old repository is fraught with problems, including the fact that the repository delete can take DAYS for a simple 50GB repository, and the delete can/will hang too!
  • David Gugick
    If you're having a particular hang issue, you can easily send the support team the logs from Tools - Diagnostic and they'll review to see what the issue is. If you're doing a file backup you can continue on the next run and everything not backed up should back up fine. But please send the logs so we can address the hang issue. Thanks.
  • Robert Heath
    I sent the diagnostic data for one of the installations yesterday morning. By yesterday evening, nobody had responded to me. I had to move forward with my regular tasks. I gave you a full day. I cannot wait around a day for a tech person to get back to me. Doesn't your support staff realize that your customers realize that we have real work to do?

    Now, I am stuck waiting for the delete to complete. There is a directory delete running right now deleting each file individually with CloudBerry Explorer. So far, over 750,000 files are to be deleted and still counting up. I would be better to format the backup drive and redo the entire repository.

    This is a mess!
  • Robert Heath
    The delete is still counting more files in the directory being deleted. Now I am up to 792,000 files.
  • Robert Heath
    Cleaning up the Cloudberry backup mess on the other machine was not as difficult. The backup that hung was only about a 5GB repository. Still it took a couple of hours though. At least it wasn't days to clean up the Cloudberry backup mess. :rage: :rage:

    Each installation of Cloudberry has about 5-8 repositories to backup. So I have resumed creating the initial backup on the second machine. I was able to clean up the mess and complete the backup of the failing repository and move forward.

    However, apparently there is another hang on the second installation. :fear:

    Sometime there is a real hang. Sometimes the UI simply stops updating. So it is not clear if the problem is that the app is hung or if the UI is simply not updating.
  • Matt
    We already received your diagnostic logs, we can't really communicate effectively using 2 separate channels. Please continue communication with me in the ticket you recently created, I already sent you an email.
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