• ThomasR
    Currently we are running 2 jobs from a NAS to local file system and Amazon AWS.
    I have got the requirement to split backup data because multiple companies are backed up and there should be 1 job for each company. I dont know how to proceed with existing backup data.

    Is it possible to just copy backup data from one job to the other?
    I selected "advanced backup" but i still can see a normal file structure in windows explorer. How is restore of multiple file versions working? Is there any catalog or how does it know which is the latest version?
  • Steve Putnam
    Not sure I understand what you are tryng to accomplish but here is my interpretation:
    You are running two file backup jobs - One to the NAS and another to AWS, but these jobs backup data from two separate clients/companies.
    You want to wind up with two jobs for each company - one to NAS and the other to AWS - each containing only one companies files/folders..
    The easiest way to accomplish this is to clone the existing jobs and then go into the "What to backup" and select the appropriate files/folders for each one.
    The data that is already on the NAS/AWS doesn't change and no re-uploading is involved.
    If this is not what you are looking to do please elaborate.
  • ThomasR
    Sorry but it is not my primary language. The backup source is always the same and consists of multiple folders into 1 backup job. I want to make 2 backup jobs and move backed up data from the existing into the new job. If possible i want also to move the backup data into another datastore in cloudberry
  • ThomasR
    So how Cloudberry keeps track of different versions? It looks like CBB just puts them into different folders. May i move complete subfolders from one backup set into another one which is stored on a different backup storage?
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