• davidtg

    I'm evaluating Cloudberry and wondering how it will handle a drive with deduplication applied? We have a Windows Server with about 1.5TB of Hyper-V VMs that take up about 300GB of disk space using the Windows Disk Deduplication service. If we do a native Window Server Backup image backup of the full drive it preserves the deduplication so it only consumes 300GB of backup space. Is Cloudberry's image backup able to do the same?
  • David Gugick
    It’s a good question. Our image backup backs up at the block level, but I’ll need to check if ReFS Dedupe is supported. Stay tuned...
  • Matt
    Sorry, we don't yet support native Windows deduplication, there are still some things to iron out before this functionality will be implemented.
  • davidtg
    Thank you both for the information. I understand that the CB image backup will expand the drive's backup size to the 1.5TB. In this case if I had a restore scenario of just one of the VMs included on this image can I successfully browse the backup image and restore the folder/files of the one VM? Looking for a positive if loosing all of the gains of the Windows Disk Deduplication.
  • David Gugick
    As I understand it from the team, ReFS Dedupe is not supported with image backup and as a result, file-level restores from ReFS Dedupe image backups may not work properly in all cases. It's not something we currently support, nor can I can recommend it as a solution for you at this time. The requirement for this config is in the system and when it's scheduled and I have a release date, we'll let everyone know.

    In the interim, what I am checking on is whether our Hyper-V host level backup agent works with that configuration. That's generally a better and cost-effective solution as you can back up all VMs at the host-level for a single price. I assumed from your post you were using the standard image-based license and not the Hyper-V agent. Either way, once I hear back from the team on this config, I'll update this post.

  • davidtg
    Feeling like I should do some testing myself with CB - I'll report back some results. As for the VM backup option I did already successfully test that. A VM on our Windows Dedup drive backed up while running - the backup completed successfully though I didn't test a restore from that backup. This was only a full backup, didn't attempt partial/block-level.
  • David Gugick
    We're happy to have you test and report back your findings. I strongly recommend you DO NOT do this in production and use a test system instead. The best method for communication and tracking in this case would be through a Support Ticket. I would ask that you open up a support ticket here (https://support.cloudberrylab.com/portal/newticket) and communicate your test results through the ticketing system, rather than in the public forums.
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