• Amarnath
    I have configured mapped drive which point to blob storage. But I am facing below error when opening a folder through mapped drive. This can go away if I remove mapped drive and add it again, but it will throw error to some other folder. In azure portal I can successfully open that folder but mapped drive throwing error.
  • Amarnath
    Please help me with this error
  • Peter Falkin

    Hello Amarnath,

    Could you please confirm that the folders you are browsing in buckets do not contain empty files with 0 size? Currently we have known issue that happens when Drive tries to refresh folder with files that have 0 size.

    Thank you,
  • Amarnath
    No there are no such folders having 0kb file size. Issue comes on random folder when I remapped the drive
  • Duane Knoll
    I am having the exact same issue. I get the directory name is invalid. This is the 6th drive I have mapped. The other 5 work fine but they are marked as read-only. This drive is not.

    I am using Cloudberry Drive to map an azure storage account. The issue moves to different folders when I restart the service.

    I changed the mapping to read-only and I could get to every folder. I changed it back to RW and I can still get to every folder in my first few tests. I don't trust it though. I am hoping you found a solution in the last 18 days.
  • BrentE
    I am experiencing the same issue. Got the run around from the company. They say they don't support this product, even after paying them $119 for the product. This product seems super buggy. Not expecting any answers or resolution.
  • cswpers
    I am having the same issue as well, has anyone resolved this?
  • cswpers
    To further clarify I am connecting to an Azure blob

    It seems when I switch my mount type in between shared and network mapped drive in options I can get to the folders I can't get to in the other shared disk type.

    Meaning, if I switch to removable disk I can't get to folder X but I can get to folder Y
    If I switch to a Network Mapped drive I can get to folder Y but not X

    I am performing some bulk operations with powershell scripts, so switching between both disk types I am able to get done what I need to get done, but its kind of a pain. This solution probably is impractical and not applicable for more situatons.
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