• robert peters
    I am using the latest version of Cloudberry ( with Backblaze B2 on Server 2016. My upload speeds are excellent, no problems there 500Mb/sec. But restore speed in less on average 1.6 Mb/sec. I'm try to restore individual files an image backup (new format) which has taken almost 48 hours and counting and still not fully recovered. With backups, I get multithreading (I'm using 25 threads as I have a 1GB link). However restoring will only use 1 thread. Its ridiculously slow! The information I read that NBF uses multithreading for restoring. It clearly isn't. Is there a solution for this fundamental problem in Cloudberry Backup software?? Look forward to suggestions and a solution if anyone has one. Thanks
  • robert peters
    It eventually took 8 days to get 30GB of email files from a backup image of the C drive. This cannot be a serious or viable solution to restore files never mind a OS. As much as I wanted to stick with MSP360, this is a serious failing and I will need to take steps to find an alternative system.

    Thank you
  • Steve Putnam
    You say that you are restoring individual files from an image backup? We do file backups using legacy format and Image backups using NBF (to take advantage of Synthetic fulls in BackBlaze).We keep one full and daily incrementals of the Image backup and for files we keep 90 days worth of versions using legacy format. Have never had an issue with file download speed. If we need an entire system we restore the Image which includes al of the data - that runs at near-ISP max d/l speed.
  • robert peters
    So I want to correct this... I leased a new server purely to hold backup files over a WAN.

    So much quicker!!

    The issue was BackBlaze B2 and not MSP 360 Standalone Backup.

    From above it took 8 days to download 20GB of millions of small email files from Image backups with a 1GB link.

    The same process took 9 hours when using second server with a 1GB link between servers.

    Clearly Backblaze B2 are throttling bandwidth and making restore processes ridiculously long.

    My apologies to MSP360 for thinking the issue was with their software and only one thread when restoring.

    We are happy to continue with MSP360.
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