• robert peters

    Using Server 2016 with Backblaze B2. Up loads speeds are no problem. Restore speeds are terrible. Less than 10mb/s.

    I have 25 threads setup for backup and under the NBF these same threads should be used for download when restoring. However only 1 thread is being created with a max of 10Mb/s (so Ive read on the forum or KB). I checked the logs and found this right at the end:

    2023-10-27 15:34:20,656 [SERV] [1] NOTICE - MSP360 Backup Ultimate Edition (formerly CloudBerry) Engine Started. Version:
    2023-10-27 15:34:20,656 [SERV] [1] NOTICE - Plan: Quick Restore Plan 27/10/2023 09:19:10 (73ef550c-a8f7-40b9-be50-abebe06b83fe). Type: RestoreDiskImagePlan. Start mode: Normal
    2023-10-27 15:34:33,755 [CL] [1] NOTICE - ArchiveRestoreAssistant: using 24 block threads, 1 max download threads

    Why is its not using the other 24 threads and maxing on 1??

    Major problem as its taking days and counting to get a restore done. I need quicker restores than this when it comes to my clients data.

    Anyone with any ideas?


  • Alexander Negrash
    What is your backup plan type and what exactly are you trying to restore, e.g. one file from an image-based backup, full system image, or something else?
  • robert peters
    Hi Alexander, I am trying to recover multiple email files on an image backup using the NBF(not legacy).

    These files are located on one folder on the image backup taken of the C drive. The backup is stored on Backblaze B2.

    Multiple threads are used in any backup which works fine. However on restore, Im only getting one thread with an average 6-7 Mb/s. I am on my third day of recovery, surely this is not right or even practical solution for a restore event.

    Any advice how get these multiple threads working would be great.

    Thank you
  • Alexander Negrash
    In terms of item-level restores from image-based backups, our current system employs a single thread. We're actively researching ways to improve restoration speeds, and it seems that using multiple threads may not be the solution in some cases.

    Regarding B2 connection issues some customers are facing, we need to rule out problems with the actual cloud storage connection first. If you can provide the following information, I can open a support ticket:

    • Your ISP's declared download speed.
    • Your actual internet download speed.
    • Your download speed directly from B2 outside of MSP360.
    • Logs to identify any issues with requests from MSP360 Backup to B2.

    Feel free to DM me if do not wish to post publicly
  • robert peters
    Hi Alexander

    Regards your questions:

    We are using a dedicated server with a 1GB link. Download speed using one of many broadband speed tests comes back with upload and download speeds of 775 - 800Mb/s.

    The speeds we are getting with download during restore is 8Mb/s on one thread connection only being used, whilst upload backups speeds are about 250-500 mb/s with 25 threads.

    I have played with the multithreading and have varied it between 6 - 25. These threads are used by Backup Plans, but restore will only use 1 thread.

    If is use Filezilla to download files, it opens a max of 10 connections and downloads somewhere around 80Mb/s if not higher.

    One restore connection doesn't cut it. Surely this is a fundamental part of restoring for any backup system. If my system went down for any reason, I would be deeply embarrassed to tell my clients they needed to wait over a week for their data. I would look incompetent.

    What logs do you require as there are several under the logs folder.

    Thank you

    Robert Peters
  • Alexander Negrash
    Thanks for your replies.

    • Just to clarify. The speed you see with FileZilla is the download speed from B2, correct?
    • To send me the logs, just go to Tools>Diagnostic and specify my email address (check your Inbox on the forum)
  • robert peters
    Just to confirm, that is Filezilla from B2 downloading individual files (mainly word files and msg files) as opposed to the format you use in B2.

    Ill send those files to you asap.


  • robert peters
    Its taken 8 days to just restore 20GB of files. You really need to resolve the multithreading capabilities of restoring files from an image. One thread is not enough to restore over 1 GB link. Can you tell me when this issue will be resolved as I've seen other users with the same problem. A new version or build is required. In the meantime I will be looking at other providers who dont have this issue. Thanks you for your time Alex.
  • robert peters
    So I want to correct this... I leased a new server purely to hold backup files over a WAN.

    So much quicker!!

    The issue was BackBlaze B2 and not MSP 350 Standalone Backup.

    From above it took 8 days to download 20GB of millions of small email files from Image backups, the same process took 9 hours when using second server with a 1GB link between servers.

    The 1 GB link was still being used to get data off BackBlaze B2. Clearly Backblaze B2 are throttling bandwidth and making restore processes ridiculously long.

    My apologies to MSP360 for thinking the issue was with their software.
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