• Aaron Goodisman
    I have moved Cloudberry ultimate to a new VM.

    Per https://www.msp360.com/resources/blog/how-to-continue-backup-on-another-computer/ I have verified that the storage account configuration (including the backup prefix!) is the identical on both systems, including casing.

    I have run Tools > Options > Repository > Synchronize Repository on the new system and allowed that to complete.

    However, when I run the backup jobs on the new system, it is backing up every file again.

    1. The resources I'm backing up are (DFS) network shares. Are these paths case-sensitive?

    In the Backup Storage tab , what I see depends on the type of storage.

    For my NAS, expanding the storage shows only a single child entry, which is the name of the backup job. These are different on the old and new systems.
    2. Does the job have to be named identically to continue?

    On the old system if I expand the job and pick a specific date, I can see the paths to the backed up files. On the new system, if I haven't run the backup yet, I don't see anything, even though I've done a repository sync and and also a refresh.
    3. Shouldn't I be able to see what's in the repository after I've done a sync and refresh?

    For AWS storage, expanding the storage on the old system shows all kinds of things: backup jobs with child nodes that are dates of backups, source path trees, and two nodes for Image Based and Backup Plans.
    4. Is this normal?
    After sync and refresh on the new system, I also see all the same nodes, but still the backup job has decided it needs to backup every single file again.
    5. Any ideas why?

    Thanks for any advice
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