• Joel Leach
    We are using MSP360 (CloudBerry) Backup Ultimate with Backblaze B2 to backup several servers. MSP360 is configured with a Retention policy to keep the backup for 365 days. This backs up to our main Backblaze B2 account where the File Lifecycle is set to keep all versions. We use Backblaze's replication feature to replicate the data to EU servers on a second account. I noticed that the EU bucket size is now much larger (and more expensive) than our main account. I tried changing the File Lifecycle on one bucket to Keep prior versions for 365 days, but it did not reduce the size. MSP360 may be maintaining its own copies of old files rather than using Backblaze's File Lifecycle, but I'm not certain. Can you recommend a configuration that will keep the replicated EU buckets in sync with the main account buckets?
  • Alexander Negrash
    The software applies its own retention policy exclusively to the storage destination specified in the backup plan settings. If your second bucket grows in size, it's likely because nothing is being purged from it. Additionally, it's important to understand that if you change the retention setting in the backup plan, the new setting will only be applied to new backups. All previous backups will retain according to the retention settings at the time of the backup.
  • Joel Leach
    I believe Backblaze B2 keeps the most recent version of all files, as well as previous versions of files for as long as File Lifecycle specifies. It looks like MSP360 retains multiple copies of files (using a different folder name for each version), and then explicitly deletes older copies of the file from Backblaze when the retention policy expires. MSP360 only deletes them from the primary bucket specified in the backup plan, because it knows nothing about the replica EU bucket. Does that sound correct? Is my only recourse to manually delete older files from the EU bucket, or do you have any other suggestion?
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