• JHM001
    Back in business with CloudBerry Backup, a.k.a. MSP360 Backup for Desktop (in this case Windows).

    SITUATION: Starting a Windows Cloudberry backup to iDrive S3 e2. Currently, consistency check is ON, compression is ON, and encryption is ON. The files being backed up are typical business and family documents, images, some media, totally maybe 300 GB.

    THEME: Basically, my question is "what is the correct configuration so that iDrive and CloudBerry work together correctly?"

    1. Which Versioning? -- iDrive has "versioning". (I saw some speculate this is for all intents-and-purposes synthetic backup.) What is the right way to configure CloudBerry for iDrive, so that versioning works?

    2. Correct Aged Full Backups -- what is the right way to have older full backups? So in the event of ransomware, we can go back to a safe and complete backup? How do iDrive S3 e2 and Cloudberry work together for restore?

    3. Which CloudBerry Features To Avoid? -- I'm getting the sense that some CloudBerry features should not be used, because they will conflict with iDrive S3 e2.

    I have other questions too, such as about block versus file backup, and about what 3rd party S3 clients pointed to our iDrive S3 e2 backup bucket will see.

    I think I have read the iDrive instructions and the Cloudberry instructions but it's absolutely not clear how the two great products work together.

    Super thanks!

  • JHM001
    PRIVATE ENCRYPTION KEY PROBLEM?? 3rd Party S3 Browsers??

    Success! Backed up one of our desktops at a good speed. And we can browse via the CloudBerry Backup client. AND can see the file names and directory structure.

    HOWEVER, using 3rd party S3 browsers ("S3 Browser", WinSCP), we have NOT been able to properly browse except by the CloudBerry Backup client -- otherwise with other 3rd party clients everything is still encrypted. While iDrive e2 says that third party S3 browsers should work, I cannot figure out how to insert the private encryption key into another S3 browser client.

    The original backup was done with a private encryption key via CloudBerry Backup client. And SSE was turned off at iDrive e2. Is it possible to use 3rd party S3 browsers to iDrive e2, with private encryption key? Or only CloudBerry? Or alternatively give up private encryption key?

    CloudBerry Backup is great -- but part of our plan is to have some redundancy in terms of backup access.

    This would be an important question I think for a lot of users. Thanks for telling us what to do!!!
  • JHM001
    By the way someone mentioned to me why not just use the iDrive e2 Windows client? It would work! And our motivation to use Cloudberry Backup is because we also want to back up to other targets such as a local NAS. I guess the theory is one product to do one thing. IDrive for cloud services and Cloudberry Backup for backup.

    I'm hoping to get some replies because this could be a very nice backup combo solution combining two affordable best of breed products.
  • Alexander Negrash
    for the schedule/retention settings you can refer to the help article or this forum thread where I explain how it works
  • JHM001
    Thanks Alexander!
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