• Jerry
    I am transitioning to the new backup format and in the process am rethinking my backup strategy. I'm a bit stumped on how best to handle largely static collections. For example, I have a Photos folder that has a subfolder for each year going back to the 1960's. Within each year subfolder are folders for each event or occasion. Rarely I may go back to a folder in a previous year and re-edit that event's photos so I like having them all readily accessible as opposed to archived somewhere. In the legacy backup format I have been applying daily incremental and monthly full backups to the full photo collection, backing them up to my NAS. Is there a different/better approach in the new backup format that I should consider?

  • Jerry
    If I schedule daily incrementals and weekly fulls, is there a way to have the fulls save only if the scan finds changes from the previous full? If so, this would be the strategy I believe would work on these largely static collections.
  • Alexander NegrashAccepted Answer
    If I schedule daily incremental and weekly fulls, is there a way to have the fulls saved only if the scan finds changes from the previous full?Jerry

    There is no option to run a full backup only if data has changed. A full backup adheres to the specified schedule. You may want to consider adjusting the frequency of full backups. It's important to note that with the new backup format, storing at least two full backup copies is required
  • Steve Putnam
    I may be atypical, but for this type of data set, I would recommend just using the legacy file format, AND sending a copy to one of the low-cost Storage providers (BackBlaze or Wasabi).
    As Alex points out, if you use the New Backup Format, there will always be two FULL copies of the data consuming space at any given point in time. For local backups that may not matter to you, but for cloud storage it makes a significant difference.
    What is your reason for switching this existing set of data to the New backup Format?
  • Jerry
    @Steve Putnam Thanks for your response. My understanding is that MSP360 legacy backup format is in "low maintenance mode" so I have assumed it best to transition to the new backup format. I may need to rethink that.
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