• Gleb
    Hi there. A new version - - was released recently.
    Download link


    - Block Level Backup.
    Finally files that changed a little don't need to be reuploaded as whole files.
    You can set up a schedule for Full versions (and we strongly recommend to do so) and a schedule for Block versions.
    Some infographics in this Blog article.

    Important things to note:
    1. Block Level in Linux is based on a more advanced mechanism than that of Backup for Windows - and thus they are incompatible. Full versions of files made by the Windows app should still be available for restore in the Linux app, but not vice versa.
    2. Retention policy by number of versions ignores Block versions and only counts Full versions. This contradicts the behavior in Backup for Windows.
    3. Files of less than 10 MB size will always be backed up as Full versions, same as in Backup for Windows.

    Points one and two are subject to further improvement in Backup for Windows.

    Bug fixes.

    - Several hanging backup plan cases
    - "Parameter count mismatch" after upgrade from older versions
    - Many minor things such as tooltips, text alignment, some functionality previously missing in some UIs and so on.


    - Logs of High (INFO) level of verbosity now specify why exactly a file is purged (DeletedLocally, NumberOfVersions, RetentionTime - named after the respective rules in retention policy settings).
    - Minor improvements and additions.
  • Ray

    I was given pre-release linux backup client v2.5.1.26 to resolve issues as per support ticket ID 104018 (release notes: ‘ “Parameter count mismatch" after upgrade from older versions’ whereby the ‘Delete files that have been deleted locally’ was being ignored from upgrading from older version). I tested pre-release on a few environments and the reported issues were resolved.

    I did not roll this out to the full customer base due to being a pre-release as was advised.

    In by online portal mspbackups.com I am now being presented newer version . From testing this however, the above reported issue is present [again] (yet were resolved in the older pre-release v2.5.1.26).

    Is the ‘ “Parameter count mismatch" after upgrade from older versions’ fix going to come back anytime soon? Am I misunderstanding anything, if so I apologise.
  • Ray
    please ignore my ramblings above. I can confirm that all is ok. For some reason it took a little while for the mspbackups.com portal to update in relation to the amount of storage space being used. :)
  • Gleb
    Hi , the error may still occur in rare occasions, we only fixed the most frequent case. A big fix for it will be implemented in the mid-term future, most likely by the end of the year
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