• Kevin Crew
    Trying to create a new backup but it keeps failing with the following error

    Error occurred during backup; Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow

    We have 3 other backups and they all work fine
    > Amazon s3
    > Local Network storage server
    > Local USB drive

    The new back up is to a local NAS drive, it has an NTFS file system and Cloudberry has access to it. The back up plan was copied from one of the working backups and then amended to point to the new location. Files back up but it gets to around 3GB or 3600 files and then it errors. Starting it again it checks for any files that have been updated since the last backup then it continues from where it left off with new files and folders then fails again?

    We have tried creating a whole new backup plan but this does the same thing?

    Is it because of the sheer number of files that it can't handle it and I will have to keep re starting it until I have a full backup then the incremental's will work ? When it fails it also doesn't send a confirmation email to say it failed?

    Anyone shed some light on this ?
  • David Gugick
    I recommend you send the diagnostic logs to the support team for review as your particular issue is something they'll need some detail on. Having said that, it appears that a closely related issue is going to be addressed in the 6.2 release and the team can provide you a pre-release build if they determine it's the same issue. To send the logs, please use the Tools | Diagnostic toolbar option and send a link to this forum post when submitting. Thanks.
  • Kevin Crew
    Hi, I have sent the logs and have now received a response saying

    This is a known bug that's expected to be fixed in 6.2 release!

    That's all well and good but I am now stuck with a backup that won't complete until the new version is realised. Any idea when this will be as I am kind of stuck.
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