• Nick Warren
    We've been running some unencrypted backup plans to S3 for a while now.

    We've now created replacement backup plans that are encrypted, run these for a few weeks and then deleted the old/unencrypted backup plans from the MBS console. The new plans are running okay and show about 1TB of storage on S3, but S3 is showing around 8TB of data in the folders...

    It seems that the backups from the deleted plans are still being stored on S3?

    How do I know which backup files/folders on S3 related to an active plan? And which ones relate to an inactive plan?

    I've run the consistency check etc, but all that's doing is checking the active plan repository matches the S3 storage...? It won't delete the old/orphaned backup files from S3???

    I hope someone can help - this is not a small sum of money that is being wasted!!
  • Anton Zorin
    , HI Nick!
    Are you talking about file backup?
  • Matt
    That's a tricky situation. The files themselves are not really associated with the plans once they are in the cloud. If the data set is exactly the same you can the versions on the backup storage tab.
    Overall, the old file versions will be purged according to your retention policy. Again, that is only if the data set is exactly the same with the folder structure kept intact throughout the procedure.
  • Nick Warren
    Matt - thanks so much for the answer...bu that's not good indeed!! So deleting the backup plan is a really bad idea? I kind of presumed we'd get asked if we wanted to keep or delete the backups (duh)!!!

    If we hadn't deleted the backup plan, how would we go about removing all the backups on the storage (presumably this issue is the same for any backup storage, not just cloud-storage?)...? We can reduce the retention to one version...? But how to delete that one version...?

    Also, any creative solutions as to what we do now...? Presumably, the only option would be to create a completely new set of backup plans to start on a set date...disable all the existing backup plans the day before, and then after a week or so, delete every file/folder on S3 that is dated before the start date of the new backup plans...?
  • Matt
    Most likely the files you're referring to are "orphaned". The easiest way to fix this would be to start from scratch, to be honest, but I understand that you want to keep as much of your data as possible.

    By the way, do you currently use file name encryption? In that case there's another thing I can suggest:
    You should see both CBB and ECBB folders on storage side. If you no longer need unencrypted backups you can safely delete CBB_%PREFIX% folder from the cloud and only leave ECBB.
    After that you need to do the following:
    1) Navigate to the Welcome tab in software GUI

    2) Find "Storage Accounts" section, click on the hamburger menu for that storage account and select "Schedule consistency check"

    3) Specify the same password you used to encrypt your files and click "Run now"

    4)After consistency check finishes its job you should see updated storage.
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