• dab

    I have setup a realtime backup on a windows 10 machine. The destination of the backup is a network folder.

    I moved a file from destop to mydocument (2,5gig .iso file) but:

    - On destination folder I do not see any folder regarding this file in the "mydocument
    - In the logs (history) I do not see any movement regarding this file (any search option for the logs?)
    - In the history I see a lots of movement, small files from appdata/roaming... but not the file I want to see...

    Do you have any idea, can I provide you file, config file, informations in order to have a better understanding?

  • dab

    I did the following
    - add a file in "my document"
    - add a file in "desktop"
    - "instant backup starts in 10 minutes"... I waited... but the new files do not get backed up...

    I Stopped the backup job, re started it and then miracle:
    - The moved file is deleted from desktop and added to my document
    - the added fil in "my document" is backed up
    - the added file in "desktop" is backed up

    My questions:
    1. Is there an option in real time backup to tell backup to take in account the new files?
    Is it normal that the real time backup do not backup new files without stop/start the backup task?
    2. Realtime backup is scanning every 15 minutes, this does not sound really real time... is it normal? Is there an option to get real real-time?
    3. Moving file = adding a new file (double space, double traffic, double compression, double crypting) is there a way to optimise this? (I'm using the keep and mark deleted files)

    If you have any remarks, expérience with one the 3 questions, I'm interested.

  • Matt
    The behavior you described is not normal, but maybe I don't fully understand your setup.

    I would also avise against backing up Roaming folder in appdata and make careful selection of the files you want to back up. Appdata contains a lot of temp files and Roaming is a folder that gets recreated every time you log in on a new machine in domain, so it's not necessary to back it up.

    Regarding your questions:
    1) New files are taken into account automatically, you don't need to change anything, but these changes will be only applied in case the backup actually runs.

    2) You can navigate to C:\ProgramData\CloudBerryLab\CloudBerry Backup\, find enginesettings.list file, open it with notepad and modify this parameter:

    You can set this to any interval you want, but mind you system resources when doing that, please.

    3) Not sure what you mean by that, but all the changes are picked up every time the software runs the backup plan.

    As for your problem, please make sure you're using the latest version of the software(, since it contains vital fixes related to real-time backup functionality, reproduce the problem, and then send us the diagnostic logs via tools > diagnostic menu. Please add a link to this thread in the issue description.
  • dab

    Hello Matt,

    First, thanks for taking my case.

    0) about roaming folder, I noticed these "excessives file movements" so I will follow your advise: right now I'm doing a POC with cloudberry, I backed up the entire profile. I will try to exclude folders and/or restrict to necessary folders.

    1) OK, let's see if reducing the number of backed up folders changes something

    2) Thanks for information

    3) What I mean in other words:
    when I move a file from "desktop" to "my documents" on the backed up computer, what it seems to happen on the backup destination is, the file is uploaded again, so it is present on "desktop" and "my document". (I have choosen the option to mark the deleted files on backup destination). Is there an option in order to avoid to upload twice the same file (replace it with a kind of link)...

    4) Yes, I'm on the latest version

    5) I test again tomorrow en send you logs.

    Thanks again for all your informations!!
  • Matt
    3) If you specifically copy a file or a folder within your data set it'll be duplicated, since to the application it'll be a new piece of data to back up, if that's what you're referring to.

    If a file has been moved/deleted from source without leaving any copies on source location you will observe the same behavior, but you can enable "delete files that have been deleted locally" option, so the software will delete any files from destination once they've been deleted on source.
  • dab
    So a moved file on the source is deleted on destination and then re-uploaded to the "new" destination?

    Is there a mechanism in order to avoid file duplication on destination?

  • Matt
    Yes, you are correct about re-upload. "delete files that have been deleted locally" option helps in these situations.
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