• BogusException
    CB Server Edition
    Everything is fine-as long as my backups use my CB account email. What I mean is:

    CB login: fred@abc can only backup to fred@abc's one drive account/storage.

    I created a user on the domain and in MS360 called "storage" (original, eh?), and they have 1TB storage on OD.

    I cannot seem to create a backup target to frank@abc's One Drive account.
    Frank does not have a CB account-just Fred does.

    No matter what I enter in the wizards, I cannot figure out how to get a backup plan to go to this user's cloud space, but it has no trouble going to mine.

    Thanks in advance!
  • BogusException
    In addition, when I select One Drive, after I enter my MS/Domain/o365 email, I see:

    That Microsoft account doesn't exist. Enter a different account or get a new one.

    When I click on Create, and try to enter the email again, I get:

    You can't sign up here with a work or school email address. Use a personal email, such as Gmail or yahoo, or get a new Outlook email.

    The account is an Office365 Business Premium account. The errors/notices above are all from Microsoft in the authentication pop-up you get when creating a new backup storage.

    Is it possible what I am seeing is due to a OneDrive account that needs to be "Business"? Or is it that CB can only connect to private user One Drive accounts that are not on domains/o365? Or?

    No idea where to hunt next...
  • Matt
    Our software does not require log in or any accounts created on our side, so please clarify what you mean by the first post.

    As for the second one, there is an option to select account type when adding OneDrive storage, like on the screenshot:
  • BogusException
    Hi Matt. I don't see the same interface you do. I re-installed licensed Server Edition, but the client has let maintenance lapse. I am guessing this feature is in a later rev?


    I also read in a blog post in these forums 5 months ago that OneDrive was being phased out:

  • Matt
    Oh, that explains a lot of things, this version was released about 5 years ago, I think. You'd need to update the software to get to that menu. You'll still be able to add OneDrive account by following the instructions from this KB article, but that functionality is provided "as is".
  • BogusException
    I've emailed & VM'd asking for update options (support, license, both, ?), but no word. Apologized to client today.

    Does anyone know what the cost options are to getting them on v6 Server?

  • Matt
    Sorry, not sure what you mean by this message. Could you please clarify that?
  • David Gugick
    Matt, I think "B" is asking how they can update to the latest version when their maintenance has lapsed.
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