• stesim
    I would like to ask about how backups really work.
    I am taling about simple backup, no versioning.

    This is example of problem:
    • 1. When I delete FILE from source -> it is deleted also on backup side. -- works as expected.
    • 2. but When I delete FOLDER from source -> then this folder is not deleted on backup side -- this is wrong.

    How is it possible, that deleted folders in source are NOT deleted (i.e. synced) in target?

    This behavior causes, that one cannot take target backup as a whole and just restore it as whole, because what you get is mix of:
    • current files
    • including all undeleted files and folders.

    Such restoration technique is polluted and not practically usable, because you what you get all current files including all historical garbage.

    So the big question is:
    How can one really sync source -> to target , and achieve, that all deletions propagated into target? (files and folders have to be deleted on target side too, if they are deleted on source side).
  • David Gugick
    What are your retention settings? We will eventually delete the backup files if retention settings allow. We also track deleted files and won't restore them if they're not wanted at restore time.

    The product is not a sync tool, despite there being ways to closely simulate that functionality. It's a backup product, designed to protect against business data loss. What is your particular use case that you're looking for sync vs backup?
  • stesim
    Thank you David,
    after some investigation, I found out, that
    when I use Restore functionality - setup with Restore Point - Latest version,
    then restoration works really correctly and no deleted files/folder are in restored folder
    (despite the old deleted files/folder are visible in backup)

    So the only remaining questions is:
    When the old deleted files/folders will be deleted also from backup?
    Despite I deleted some folder(s) in source, I still see this folder in backup storage, after backup was run.
    I would expect, that these deleted folders should be deleted also in backup side, but they are still there and visible. When will they be removed?

    My backup plan is this:
    • - source is 1 folder on my notebook disk (filesystem)
    • - backup is external USB key (filesystem)
    • - Backup mode: Simple Mode
    • - Advanced filter: all empty = nothing is ticked
    • - Retention Policy:
    • - Ticked: Delete files, that have been deleted locally
    • - Delete after 0 days (this is settings, where I expect, that deleted file/folder in source will be deleted immediately also in backup, but this not happens)
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