• Jim Richardson
    I'm using the Portal via https://mspbackups.com/Admin . I am unsure what Backup Size means on some of the portal pages. Sometimes the sizes seems too small to be correct. Maybe I don't understand what the term size is referring to in some cases.

    Created an image backup to a USB connected local drive. It ran the backup for the first time late yesterday evening (8/19). It is scheduled to run again late this evening (8/20). The computer has a single hard drive which is is 237 GB in size that has 110 GB of data on the drive. The drive has 127 GB free space.

    On the RMM / Remote Management page when clicking on the details of the plans it shows:
    Files to backup 6 (238 GB)
    Files uploaded: 6 (4 GB)
    Last Result: Success

    On RMM / Monitoring / History page it shows under both Last Result and Last Success (same date and time):
    Last Result: Success
    Files uploaded
    Files Failed: 0
    Backup Size: 4.23 GB

    On Reporting / Backup History it shows:
    Last Result: Success
    Files Uploaded: 6
    Files Failed: 0
    Backup Size: 4.23 GB
    Duration 18:48

    Last Result: Success
    Files Uploaded: 6
    Files Failed: 0
    Backup Size: 237.90 GB
    Duration 30:29

    Why is the size sometimes shown as 238 GB and sometimes as 4 GB? I would have thought that the size would be the occupied size of files on the drive, about 110 GB.
    Also, what is the definition of files as in "Files uploaded 6"?
  • Jim Richardson
    Does Backup Size mean different things depending on where on the portal we look?
  • Steve Putnam
    Starting with the easy one - The 6 files are the individual components of the image. If you look at the backup history detail and select "files" you will see that they are the drive partitions.
    And yes the numbers are different depending on where you look.
    There are at least three different size metrics , One is the actual sum of the partitions. Another is the used size of the partitions, and the third is the actual compressed uploaded size of those partitions. In your case, I would expect the actual backed up size to be 90-100GB (110 GB minus compression) , not 4GB. The only way it would be 4GB is if you ran a block level incremental backup after the full image backup completed.
    If the 4GB is the actual full image then the only explanation is that you excluded a large number of folders from the image.
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