• JoeyDumont

    Is it possible to create a Backup Plan in a Remote Deploy configuration that setups an image backup? I'm looking at the UI and only see Block-level backup.

    (This time I made sure I was editing a Windows configuration.)

  • David GugickAccepted Answer
    That feature is on the roadmap. Currently, you can define default File Backup / Restore Plans and Settings in Remote Deploy - Configuration.I pinged the team and will reply back if we have an ETA on this enhancement.
  • Bryan Hoffpauir
    Is this still on the roadmap?
  • David Gugick
    Yes, it's still on the roadmap. I know the team is working on some enhancements around Remote Deploy and this particular enhancement is slated for the 4.8 management console release. I know it has been on the roadmap for some time, and unfortunately, I still do not have a firm release date. But it is scheduled to be added.
  • Uli
    it would be very nice if the backup plans would then be staggered so not all machines run backup at 8 pm simultaneously. it appears there is no such function in the settings for schedule?!
  • David Gugick
    Are you referring to image-based backups or file folder backups? In either case I think the problem with staggering is that in many cases it may not provide the effect that you need, which is limiting the number of backups running in parallel. The issue is that any full backup whether it's the first image backup or the first file folder backup can take some time while all of the data is moved to the cloud and in that sense even staggering 20 minutes between machines may not provide the desired effect. I'm thinking, in order to make staggering work properly with image backups, you would need to stagger the full backups especially the recurring fulls that are not taking advantage of the synthetic full backup option to different days of the week. How do you see staggering working for you in your environment? Are you using synthetic fulls?
  • Uli
    I'm not using synthetic full as its not supported with my B2 storage yet (unless that changed). I'm doing image backup full weekly and incremental daily; so for a small office I spread full over different days; so machine 1 does full on Monday, machine 2 on Tuesday .. I also run jobs to storage locally onsite still typically shared USB drives or NAS drives; that goes a lot faster and staggering them tighter is possible. So I'd like the remote deploy config of schedules to have options for spreading the backups. My old Acronis backup through my Kaseya could easily be commanded to do this.
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