• BackupFan
    We have a Windows Server where we are backing up the C drive as a Disk Image backup, and the D drive as a Files backup. The Files backup has routinely been coming back successful but with the notification that a certain number of files were skipped. I gather that this is not unusual, but we worried that perhaps important files were not being backed up, so we deselected the option "Do not backup system and hidden files." No files are being skipped any longer.
    Are these system and hidden files that were being skipped necessary to backup in case we suffered a catastrophic failure of that server and needed to restore? Is it more practical to skip these files? Are there any downsides to backing up these files?
    Any advice on this would be appreciated.
  • David Gugick
    The hidden and system attributes are just that; attributes on files. The obvious system files are those that are installed by windows itself, although I would guess that not all of them are marked as system. Hidden files are also used by the operating system but you could also be have that attribute applied manually if somebody wanted to hide a file from view unless hidden files are being shown by default in Windows Explorer. Whether you back them up or not for a file backup is entirely up to you. You won't get likely unnecessary files like the thumbs.db files which are used to cache thumbnails of images in a folder, but you could be missing other important files like an app that keeps certain important files hidden. So we leave it up to the end user to decide whether or not those files with those flags are important. You can search for them easily in Windows using the ATTRIB command from the command-line. You can research that command if interested.
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